Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So today I had my first official "professional" interview at TBG Inc. I was quite excited because I was starting to get worried that I might not EVER get an interview. This first interview was just a first impression interview. The real meat of the interview comes on the second interview. I received a call a little bit ago asking me back for a second interview. I am very excited. I just hope that this is truly a job I want to do and that it doesn't fall through in the end. Wish me luck!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost Monday

Today I started catching up on the past seasons of the television show Lost. I have never had the time to watch this show on a regular basis due to my ever-changing schedule with going to college and working evenings. Clearly I am WAY behind seeing as the 4th season is coming to a close. Luckily, my step-mom owns the firsts 3 seasons. So now my sister and I are working like mad women to finish these 3 seasons plus the 4th season that is just now ending before the fall when the 5th season starts.

I will say that I have watched 4 episodes so far and I think I am hooked!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Free Chicken Biscuit/Sandwich at McDonald's

Tomorrow, May 15th, McDonald's is giving away free Southern style chicken biscuits and sandwiches. You must purchase a medium or large drink to get the sandwich free though.

The chicken biscuit will be available between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:30 am. Then, from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm, McDonald's will be giving away the chicken sandwich. Don't forget to purchase the drink to go with it so you don't have to pay for the sandwich. This is still a great deal even though there is a purchase involved!

Wedgie-free Wednesday

Hanes is having Wedgie-free Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday, you can enter to win a free pair of Hanes underwear. Each Wednesday, they give out 500 pairs of free underwear. Sign up here!

I have not won yet, but Wendy at More Than Enough did and she said they won't notify you if you win. They will just mail the underwear to you. What a great surprise!!

Wonderful Wednesday

Ever since Monday, I have been examining the "new to us" couch that we kidnapped from the dumpster at my apartment. I couldn't figure out if it truly was a futon or if the seat just lifted up for storage purposes. Well, today I wrestled with it some more and I discovered that not only is it a couch, but it does indeed covert into a bed as well. You can also still use it as storage under the bench of the couch. I am now even more excited about our find because we have a spare bed now as well. This is probably the best free item I have ever found!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dumpster Discovery

Yesterday, I was outside of my apartment and something sitting on the ground near the dumpster caught my eye. I currently live with my sister and in about 4 or 5 months we will be going our separate ways and getting separate apartments. We have been looking for more furniture in preparation for this split. So, I saw 2 sofas by the dumpster and I told my sister about them. We have looked at furniture by the dumpster before and nothing has struck our fancy. Yesterday was the exception. There was a tan love seat that was in good condition but wasn't what we were looking for. The other couch was perfect. It looked practically new and had nothing wrong with it. We immediately decided it must go in our apartment. Not thinking this through before picking it up, we had some trouble getting it into our apartment. It took us about 25 minutes to get it in the door, but it made it. Today, our backs, arms, hands, and legs hurt from moving this extremely heavy couch, but it is all a sacrifice for the cause!! So here is our "free" couch that I discovered. It is fabulous and we are super excited!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

1st Super Savings Saturday- Total: $3.11

This is my first week to participate in Super Savings Saturday. This week at Walgreens was a Proctor & Gamble week. You can get some great deals. I waited a little too long to make my trip to Walgreens so many of the P&G products were already sold out. After it was all said and done, I actually only spent a little over $3 for all my stuff this week. This is what all I came out with:

My first transaction:
1 Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

WAG Advertised savings: $1.50
MFG Coupon Savings: $4.00

Total Savings: $5.50

Paid $6.35 with gift card and got $6RR back
Total:$0.35 oop on GC

My second transaction:
1 box Russell Stovers candy
2 bags Dove Chocolate Minis

WAG Coupon Savings: $4.00
WAG Advertised Savings: $3.98
MFG Coupon Savings: $5.50

Your Total Savings: $13.48

Paid $3.59 with gift card

My third transaction:
3 bags Cascade Dishwashing packets
3 Mr. Clean Power Wipes
2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
1 Febreeze Noticeables Refill

WAG Advertised savings $12.15
MFG Coupon Savings $9.50

Your Total Savings $21.65

Used $6RR from razor purchase and paid $13.17 with gift card and got $20RR back
I made about $0.83 on this P&G deal. I love getting paid to take things from Walgreens!!!

Complete purchase this week:
Savings total: $40.63
Total paid: All this for just $3.11

Check out what everyone else bought this week over at Money Saving Mom.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Graduation Photos

As promised, here are some pictures taken by my brother from my college graduation. There are some of the ceremony and some of my family as well. Enjoy!

Me with my nephew
My sister
My boyfriend
My mom
My brother and sister-in-law
My dad and step-mom
My brother and sister-in-law and their boys
My mom
My mom and step-dad

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I am so excited to start blogging about my Walgreens deals I get. I never knew you could get so many items for so little at Walgreens. I always thought Walgreens was somewhat high on their prices. I have learned how to play on their deals and get some great stuff. I am starting to get quite a stock pile of toilet paper, tooth paste, razors, body wash, deodorant, mouth wash, medicine, candles, and much more. This has almost become like a hobby for me. It is kind of like a game to see how much I can get for how little. I was putting off blogging on Walgreens since I was blogging for my photography class. I will post my photos and the break down of my deals starting this Saturday to show what all was in the mix this week. My mother has also jumped on the Walgreens wagon and loves it. Today, I went to 2 different locations to hunt down the deals that I wanted. They were out of some of the items that I wanted, but it all worked out. If any of you would like to know more about getting great stuff for just pennies at Walgreens, let me know!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Graduated!!

It is now official! I have graduated with my undergraduate degree. Last Tuesday, April 29th, will forever go down in history as the day I finally completed this portion of my formal schooling. My graduation was last Tuesday and I had to walk across the stage in front of thousands upon thousands of people. It was quite nerve racking, but I held it together. My family and boyfriend were patiently waiting in their seats for a long time prior to the ceremony. I think my family had to arrive about an hour to an hour and a half early just to get a decent seat. I will post some pictures soon!!